Matthew van der Giessen RMT

Somatic Patterning Massage and Education on Bowen Island, BC

#303 - 566 Artisan Lane


In over 30 years of practice as a massage therapist, Matthew has learned to enhance the strengths of massage therapy with techniques from a wide range of bodywork practices.

Somatic Patterning works with the twists through your body that often cause the chronic aches and pains you feel in your shoulder, neck or lower back.

Matthew creates bodywork sessions that are collaborative, listening for where your body is trying to untwist itself, supporting its ability to create deep, integrative healing.



Matthew van der Giessen

Trained as a massage therapist, Matthew has developed his understanding of Somatics principles over 30 years, and in over 20,000 clinical sessions, numerous developmental workshops and classes with a wide range of somatic practitioners. He has helped develop standards for massage at local, national and international levels. His work as an educator has included the development and implemenationa of curriculum for a 2 year, 2500 hour Massage Therapy program.

Matthew's massage sessions and educational approach draw upon the principles that define the somatics paradigm - sensory based learning and the organization of movement through patterns.

You can find out more about Matthew's educational work at his teaching web site,

"I have had several massage appointments with Matthew van der Giessen and I think he has an incredible gift, and is more than a masseuse but a healer. He also has great tact in approaching topics, such as encouraging me to continue a healing regiment at home on my own. In his position, he has to have mastered not only techniques to heal the body, but most certainly he has to listen to clients discuss the emotional aspects related to their broken down bodies as well. He is gifted in all areas and I will continue to refer clients to him.

I am so pleased to have found an authentic healer and a warm and inviting place to come to."

Dorina Franca Germinario
Adult & Senior Mentorship Program